We're a community-focussed business with huge love of dogs and a desire to protect the environment

Our Purpose is to provide bespoke, ethical, recycled beds and beautiful handmade accessories for your furkids.

Only the best for your Furkid

"All our products are handmade in our Furkid Workshop in the Surrey Hills, and every item is put together with love so you can be sure your furkid is getting the best you can give them."

Maria - Director

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Doing our bit for the environment

"Wherever possible we use recycled and reclaimed materials, organic or sustainable ingredients. We're passionate about encouraging our local community to take care of our natural environment, so our furkids are safe whilst having their walkies."

Anthony - Director

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Our Beds

Our beds are handmade from recycled repurposed wood, they are solid, attractive and each comes with a 5 year guarantee.

All of our beds are raised off of the floor keeping your precious furkid out of any drafts or damp, this also prevents condensation which can be unpleasant for any dog but particularly those suffering from arthritis and circulatory problems. Dogs spend 80% of their lives in bed.. imagine having to sleep on the floor for all that time, how uncomfortable would that be even after a short time?

We have found by raising our beds that our dogs rest better. There is no potential for condensation or damp, and heat beneath the bed is reduced and so is that hospitable environment where those pesky fleas can happily thrive! Lastly because the beds are raised and the bases are slatted any stray hair, dirt and dust falls through and is easily vacuumed from the base and beneath the bed. A well rested happy furkid, no damp, condensation, or healthy flea environments and easy to clean..

Our sourced mattresses are made from recycled plastic, they are plump, comfortable and supportive. They each come covered in a high quality handmade cushion cover that is locally sourced.

A quick recap - raised beds = happy rested furkid, reduced condensation and heat leading to flea happy environments and all handmade from ethically sourced, recycled materials - with an option for you to request BESPOKE features... what's not to love?

*if you want to commission a bespoke item please either email or call and we can discuss your specific needs and a timeline for completion.

Shou Sugi Ban

Our beds and wooden items have a Shou Sugi Ban finish to keep them looking beautiful for the long haul.
Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese exterior siding technique that preserves wood by charring. It originated in the 18th century and was primarily a way to waterproof cedar wood.

The technique involves charring a wood surface to render it, and the level of char can range from light through to black (charcoal). Following the charring, a brush is used to remove excess charcoal revealing a rich dark brown to black colour which is enhanced by the texture of the grain. The wood is then finished with a tung oil - a drying oil which is obtained by pressing the nuts from the tung tree. It hardens on exposure to the air to create a transparent coating that will protect your wood. This oil is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Our products come in a light, dark and blackened finish. If you would like a custom finish from the selection above, or the addition of a colour, we'll be happy to help - give us a call or drop us a note.